Apnea Academy Level 1


The objective of the Level 1 Apnea Academy is to instruct students to a satisfactory level of ability in underwater apnea. At the same time students must learn how to behave safely and with awareness in order to enjoy themselves.

This course includes Andrea Zuccari’s Equalization Theory & Video Instructions, which we will practice and apply for openwater.

At the end of the course, the student will apply the techniques and would be able to perform a static apnea of at least 1'45", 30m dynamic apnea, 25m dynamic no fins and 8-14m constant weight. Upon satisfactory completion of course requirements, this course entitles you to international Apnea Academy Level 1 certification.

Entry: S$550

Duration: 3 Days (Non Consecutive Days)

Day1 830 - 4 (Classroom Theory, Pranayama, Pool Work, Quiz)
Day2 930 - 2 (EQ Theory, EQ Exerises, Deep pool practice)
Day3 830 - 430 Openwater

Additional: 1 hr 30 mins of AA video materials 
Prerequisites: 18 years of age(14 with parental consent), comfortable swimming, signed medical statement and liability release form.

Location: Private pool in central / Queenstown Swimming Complex
Equipment, food and drinks provided during the course.

Recommended Materials: Manual of Freediving


Level 1 Topics Covered:

- Freediving Theory
- Physics & Physiology
- Freediving Safety & Rescues Scenarios
- Apnea Adaptation
- Freediving equipment 
- Breathing & Pranayama Techniques
- Relaxation & Mental Techniques

Pool Component
- Breath Preperation & Static Apnea
- Dynamic Apnea & Finning Techniques
- Dynamic No fins technique
- Safety & Rescues Scenarios
- Requirements & Rescue assessment

Depth Component
-Andrea Zuccari’s Equalization Theory & Video
-Equalization Pool practice
-Duck dives & Eq Technique
-Depth Practice & Assessment
-Depth Safety & Rescue


Check our schedule for course dates, or schedule a personalize timing with us.