Apnea Academy Indoor Freediver (Pool)


Are you keen to know more about freediving? Unsure about heading to the open sea yet? This course is for you.

The Apnea Academy Indoor Freediver course is a beginner course for anyone who is keen to pick up freediving. It is a full day pool only course, without the openwater component.

We learn breathing, relaxation and mental techniques to get good sensations during apnea (topics listed below).

At the end of the course, the student will apply the techniques and would be able to perform a static apnea of at least 1'45", 30m dynamic apnea, 25m dynamic apnea without fins assessment with an exam quiz. This course entitles you to an internationally recognized Apnea Academy Indoor Pool certification card. 

Entry: S$280
Duration: 1 Full day
- 1 hr 30 mins of AA video materials
- Equipment, Snacks & Drinks are provided
- Apnea Academy Indoor Certification Card given

Requirements: Good physical condition, at least 14 years of age.

Location: Queenstown Swimming Complex / Private pool in Central

Recommend reading materials: Manual of Freediving


AA Indoor Freediver (Pool) Topics Covered:

- Freediving Theory
- Physics & Physiology
- Freediving Safety & Rescues Scenarios
- Apnea Adaptation
- Freediving equipment 
- Breathing & Pranayama Techniques
- Relaxation & Mental Techniques

Pool Component
- Breath Preperation & Static Apnea
- Dynamic Apnea & Finning Techniques
- Safety & Rescues Scenarios
- Requirements & Rescue assessment

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