AIDA - Association Internationale pour le Développement de l'Apnée (English: International Association for Development of Apnea) was formed in 1992 and is a worldwide rule- and record-keeping body for competitive freediving.

It aims to set standards for safety, comparability of Official World Record attempts and freedive education. AIDA International is the parent organization for all AIDA nationals all over the world.Apnea Association of Singapore is the official representative for AIDA in Singapore.


AIDA Freediving certifications:

AIDA 1 Star:  (Introduction to Apnea) - Not requisite for AIDA 2 Star

AIDA 2 Star: 16m CWT, 2' STA, 40m DYN 

AIDA 3 Star: 24m CWT, 2'45" STA, 55m DYN  

AIDA 4 Star: 32m CWT, 3'30" STA, 70m DYN 


For more information about AIDA, visit their website here.