Apnea Academy focuses on breathing techniques, relaxation techniques and mental techniques to achieve good sensations during apnea.

Apnea Academy is Italian School of Freediving. It was founded by Umberto Pelizzari in 1995, a 17 time world record holder in all disciplines during his era. Apnea Academy is not a commerically driven Freediving enterprise as the system focuses more on quality and training standards.

Its training standards are more demanding with more hours of theory and practice will ensure students will get the maximum knowledge and skills. While performance / results are not priorities rather mastering the proper methods of breathing and relaxation, mental techniques and technical movement in the various disciplines are more important.

Many top freedivers, such as Miguel Lozano, Andrea Zucarri(-185mt No limits), WIlliam Trubridge (-102m CNF)  are Apnea Academy instructors.


Umberto Pelizzari's mentor, Jacques Mayol, was a pioneer in the Freediving world during the 1950 and 60s. Mayol was the first man to reach 100m on November 23, 1976. His diving philosophy was to reach a state of mind based on relaxation and yoga, with which he could accomplish apnea.[1] That soon became the guiding philosphy of today's modern era of apnea and freediving.


The Manual of Freediving is the first comprehensive manual that teaches how to hold the breath, stay underwater longer, and descend deeper into the blue. The book includes a history of freediving, and detailed drawings of underwater exercises, finning techniques and selected yoga postures to enhance lung capacity. Published in 2004, it is now on the 2nd edition.

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Manual of Freediving (First Edition)

Manual of Freediving (First Edition)

Interview with Umberto Pelizzari
Talks about how he progressed with freediving, and apnea academy

Umberto Pelizzari with mentor Jacques Mayol

Umberto Pelizzari with mentor Jacques Mayol

“Freediving is about silence.. the silence that comes from within..”
- Jacques Mayol