Commitment to the best and most innovative education.

The greatest freediver who has ever lived, Natalia Molchanova, originally created a freediving system to take someone who has never freedived before and step by step, turn them into an elite freediver. Now a group of the worlds best freedivers and freediving trainers have taken that system, added their own expertise and revamped it to create something totally new and exciting.
We believe it is the best way for anyone to learn how to freedive.


As freediving grows, that ethos is more relevant now than ever. Our mission is to provide the best and most innovative freediving equipment and education in the world, but also to foster and grow the freediving community we all know and love.

We have worked hard to put together the most comprehensive and up-to-date freediving education available. Starting from the systems that Natalia created, we have modernized and updated the system with input and direction from the best freedivers in the world.


Molchanovs is a holistic education and training community.

Natalia knew that the heart and soul of freediving is in the training community. We have created our system to mesh education with the training community, so new freedivers have a path for continued growth and improvement, regardless of where they live.


We do believe that traditional freediving courses are only the start of becoming a freediver. A diver does not progress through taking many courses but rather through consistent training. This is why after a student finishes a Molchanovs course they are given access to Base Training- the Molchanovs training community. Here, the worlds top freedivers and trainers publish a weekly training program for each freediving level.